An important part of our approach to cooking is making everything in house, and a lot of what we make in house is bread and pastry.  Most of the bread we serve is entirely naturally leavened with our sourdough starter: flour, water, starter, salt, carefully fermented in small batches at room temperature for 3 to 6 hours, divided and shaped, and put into baskets to rise in the fridge for around 15 hours before being baked off in cast iron dutch ovens in our little convection oven.  Some dishes on our always changing menu call for other kinds of breads: brioche, soda bread, pain de mie, flatbread, crackers, anything that inspires us.  In addition to commercial yeast and sometimes poolish, these often have sourdough starter in them to add another depth of fermented flavor.  We unfortunately do not sell loaves of bread, simply because we cannot produce enough out of our little space, but bread and butter is always available and often come with a couple of the dishes on our breakfast and lunch menus.  

Our pastries are always changing, new, and made in small batches.  We often have laminated doughs: croissant, chocolate croissant, kouign amann

sometimes danish, raisin croissant, and croissant infused with seasonal elements such as ramps, sorrel, or magnolia blossoms.  We use sourdough starter in our laminated doughs in addition to commercial yeast and poolish.  Always looking for ways to add fermented elements to our food, we'll use sourdough, poolish, sprouted grain, buttermilk, kefir, crème fraiche, or even yogurt powder whenever it seems appropriate in scones, muffins, cakes, or cookies to add depth of flavor. Cannale - a wondrous custard caramelized in a copper mold brushed with beeswax and clarified butter - and a quick bread of some kind - muffin or scone - have become staples.  We often have tarts: buttermilk cream with swiss meringue is a standby because of the copious amounts of buttermilk we have leftover from the butter we make, but we're always looking for seasonal variations from sweet potato to fresh fruit to caramel pecan.  Our aim is to make pastry inspired by the very best ingredients and an endless fascination with technique in the hope that the constraints on the amount of pastry we are able to make will be overlooked for whatever bit of wonder we manage to instill in them.