BYOB at the moment but more coming soon!  For the time being, Bradford has thoughts about what you should bring:

I got up early and went for a big run in Humboldt Park. The rain had brought out spring aromatics in abundance: hyacinth, daffodils, dandelions and oil spills. It was intoxicating. Drink spring wines this weekend. Stefano Legnani’s Bamboo Road is a field blend of Ligurian varieties: lightly macerated for texture and aromatics, it reminds me of waking up into a rain storm. I think there are two bottles left. If they run out, get the Oriol Artigas La Rumbera (30 USD) from the Mediterranean coast: sea salt and urchin and luscious, perfectly ripe fruit. For a light red, drink Domaine Bobinet Les Iles (24 USD). It’s grolleau: all clean and green and easy. Alternatively, ask for the Jerome Balmet Beaujolais (24 USD), which is lifted and perfect.

All Wines Available at Red and White 1861 N. Milwaukee Avenue OR Diversey Wine right next door to us