Middlebrow Art Brut IPA $6

Whiner Miaou Belgian Wheat $5


Complemen'terre Le Croix Moriceau $10gl/$30btl

La Clarine Farm Priscilla $10gl/$30btl


Cyril Zangs Brut $10gl/$30btl

Wine Notes by Bradford:)

First, and most exciting, there are two wines and a cider that you can order by the glass this week! They were all chosen with the café in mind, but they would work just fine with the dinner menu. If it were me, I’d start with a glass of cider or white wine and then move on to a bottle of some sort. Here are some options:

-Bobinet Du Riffifi à Beaulieu (27 USD). Chenin Blanc bubbles. Honeyed, lifted and flinty. Can’t emphasize enough how lovely sparkling wine pairs with summer vegetables. I’d drink this straight through the meal and even with the tartare. Open your arms wide to summer.

-Vini Rabasco La Salita (42 USD). An orange wine made from a rare strain of Trebbiano. It plays both sweet and salty notes in perfect harmony. A wine to go with every course. 

-Tricot Trois Bonhomme (40 USD). Pinot Noir is the best grape ever but it’s sorta hard to come by a good bottle—at least in my experience.This spritely version comes from the volcanic soils of Auvergne. It’s bursting with tart summer berry fruit. Make sure it’s bit chilled. 

-La Paonnerie Simplement Gamay (34 USD). Stoked to have these wines in Chicago! This is lovely Gamay from the Northeastern corner of the Loire Valley. High toned but with a nice velvety feel on the tongue. Platonic tartare wine.