Middlebrow Art Brut IPA $6

Whiner Miaou Belgian Wheat $5


White: Complemen'terre Le Croix Moriceau $10gl/$30btl

Red: La Clarine Farm Priscilla $10gl/$30btl

Cider: Cyril Zangs $10gl/$30btl


Mac's notes from next door

For what promises to be an absolutely invigorating dinner collaboration inna Sobremesa stylee, I’d recommend going toe-to-toe. Unafraid wines with center-stage acidity and spicy backbones. Efren Candelaria, artist and co-founder of the Sobremesa project, suggests you have the Conestabile della Staffa Rosato (30 USD) to start off, which reveals its savory core after a wave of plush red fruits. Let it warm up at the table and smash it down with the Corn Soup. Then with a dish like the Tropea Onion with Pasilla chiles go for an exotic and opulent wine, like the Gewürztraminer Steiner (40 USD) made by our hero in Alsace, Jean-Francois Ginglinger. His unsulfered wines from Grand Cru family vineyards have been a revelation for everyone who’s tasted them. Showtime. Bridge the gap and and get the hotly released Lucy Margaux Sauvignon Franc (24 USD) for the mains, a red/white mix that has enough freshness and salinity to soar with the Whitefish supplement. Its unruly Aussie energy and categorical singularity are fantastic. And if thirst persists, finish your meal with a rare bottle of La Coulee d’Ambrosia’s 011 (33 USD), an oxidative Loire Chenin that has haunted many a drinker and could fuel illogical grandiose ambitions alongside the Golden Plum granita and Basque cake with Muscat grapes the team will drop down. Make it happen!

~ All wines available at Diversey Wine 3023 W Diversey ~

~ Open up any bottle from next door in the restaurant for $10 ~